Bloodied but unbowed and message from Blair in Mirror

LONDON – The Daily Mirror carries the image of the wrecked tube train at Aldgate on its front page and an image of Tony Blair with a defiant message on its back page, in which he says 'we will not be terrorised'.

The Daily Mirror carries 34 pages of coverage this morning with two pages inside on the Number 30 bus bomb and shocking eyewitness reports on the following pages from the different bomb sites.

It carries comment from its top writers including writer Tony Parsons who begins his page piece with the simple message that "London can take it", reminding people of previous bombs in other years in other British cities from Guildford, to Manchester and Birmingham and Belfast.

Political and Vanity Fair writer Christopher Hitchens turns his attention to tracking down the bombers, writing that "states which shelter these killers will know no peace".

There is speculation from terrorism experts, as there is in much of the press today, as to whether the terrorists are home grown.

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