Blu eCigs hires Bompas & Parr

Electronic cigarette brand Blu eCigs has hired flavour architects Bompas & Parr to create a multi-sensory chandelier that emits mist, emulating the characteristics of e-cigarette vapour, for a one-day showcase in London.

Blu eCigs is working with Bompas & Parr to create a multi-sensory chandelier
Blu eCigs is working with Bompas & Parr to create a multi-sensory chandelier

Taking place at the Ice Tank Studio in London on 1 December, visitors will be able to step into the blue glow of the Blu eCigs chandelier to become enveloped in a gently billowing blueberry-scented mist that can been seen and tasted.

The Blu eCigs chandelier, which is inspired by the blue light that shines from Blu’s electronic cigarettes, will appear almost alive to guests as the sounds of breathing fill the space. The chandelier will use 15 litres of a non-nicotine version of Blu eCigs bluberry-flavoured e-liquid, combined with water, to create the ‘Blu mist’ that cascades from the chandelier.

From initial design to completion, the Blu eCigs chandelier has taken Bompas & Parr three months to produce. Following the showcase, a prototype will be available for hire from £25,000, with custom-made commissions available on request, expected to cost upwards of £100,000.

Sam Bompas, Bompas & Parr's founder, said: "The idea of taking inspiration from Blu eCigs and turning it into the world’s largest ‘vape’ installation was hugely exciting for us. E-cigarettes are a new technology that asks us to reassess the norm and we wanted to reflect this by taking a seemingly ordinary household object and making something that almost feels alive.

"The Blu Chandelier is designed to create a collective, immersive experience that becomes a form of art in its own right."

The event will run between 10am – 4pm on 1 December and is open to people over the age of 18 only.

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