BMP and Carat win Prescott office starter homes brief

LONDON - The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has appointed BMP DDB and Carat to promote the government's £250m Starter Home Initiative.

The SHI provides assistance to public-sector workers who are looking to buy a house in the London region. BMP will develop a press and radio campaign to raise workers' awareness of the opportunities offered by the initiative. Carat will handle media for the campaign, which is due to break next month.

The SHI aims to help workers get on to the property ladder in areas where high house prices make home ownership difficult. It has helped more than 3,300 workers into home ownership in London and the south-east. The Government is aiming to invest a further £1bn in key worker housing schemes over the next three years.

Funding is available to help key workers until March next year, when house purchases should be completed.

John Prescott, the deputy prime minister, said: "We want every teacher, health worker and the police in London and the south-east to know that funding is available to help them into home ownership if they want to go down this route.

"The regional campaign will target key workers, their families and communities, helping to spread the word about the Starter Home Initiative."

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