BMP DDB launches Polo campaign

BMP DDB is launching a national TV campaign for the Volkswagen Polo

that aims to build on the car's reputation for strength and


The 60-second spot features people from around the world who all have

charms and trinkets hanging in their cars.

The ad implies that the trinkets comfort drivers, who believe they will

be protected by the charms. It draws a parallel between the feeling of

safety derived from a charm and that derived from driving a Polo.

The camera cuts across continents, to the strains of the Chordettes song

Born to be with you, showing St Christopher key-rings, charms and

talismans hanging from parts of cars such as rear-view mirrors, with

horseshoes shown hanging from radiator grilles.

A caption then appears on the screen saying 'We all find strength in

something', followed by a close-up of a Volkswagen key-ring in the

ignition of a Polo.

The camera cuts to the car's driver, who looks relaxed and confident as

he passes a truck on a dual carriageway. He drives off into the distance

as the music concludes and the end frame comes up declaring 'Polo' and

trailing the website address.

Catherine Woolfe, the communications manager of small cars at

Volkswagen, said: 'Although Polo is Volkswagen's second-smallest car,

people still view it as a physical and emotional contender on the road.

The commercial compares the feeling of well-being that people get from

charms and talismans in their cars with the incredible strength and

confidence that a driver gets from their Polo. Although we all get

strength from something, the Volkswagen Polo to its driver is really all

they need.'

The campaign was written by Tim Charlesworth and art directed by Michael

Kaplan. It was directed by Nick Lewin through Cowboy Films and edited by

Steve Gandalfi at Cut & Run. Media planning and buying is through