BMP develops TV spots for used VWs

For the first time in its history, Volkswagen is to launch a

national television campaign through BMP DDB promoting its used


The campaign will aim to highlight the Volkswagen engineering

credentials featured in previous campaigns for new cars. It is also

designed to draw on the heritage of reliability associated with the

brand, while illustrating how the cars play a vital role in their

drivers' lives.

Each of the four executions presents a scenario involving a used VW that

would more typically be attributed to an old banger.

One spot, "lorry", opens on a VW driving along a carriageway lined with

trees. However, parts of the car then seem to be dropping off as it

drives down the country road. A title appears reading "A typical used

car ...", playing on the stereotype of a second-hand car.

However, a twist in the plot reveals the VW pulling out and overtaking a

scrap metal truck which has pieces dropping from its back. The ad ends

with a title finishing the sentence: "... a typical used car from


The final commercial in the series was written on set, approved and shot

that afternoon.

David George, the communications manager on large Volkswagen cars, said:

"Used cars are an important part of our business and this advertising

has a key role to play in maintaining growth."

The campaign was written by James Sinclair and art directed by Ed

Morris. It was directed by Roger Woodburn through Park Village. Media

planning and buying is through MediaCom.