BMP extends Marmite executions into press

Marmite is taking its famous "love it or hate it" strapline from television and into print in an attempt to boost the brand's popularity as a sandwich filler.

A series of four executions will appear from next month to mark the brand's return to the medium after an absence of more than five years.

BMP DDB has produced a series of three executions, which bizarrely associate the product with such items as a sick bag and a bottle of mouthwash in an extension of the television advertising's quirky humour.

The print initiative, partly the result of some extra cash in the ad budget set aside by the brand's Unilever Bestfoods owner, is an attempt at getting more people to put Marmite in their sandwiches.

The advertising will complement the existing "lifeguard kiss" television spot, which the Independent Television Commission has refused to ban despite receiving 71 complaints about its homosexual overtones.

The new campaign, which is due to break next month in women's titles, features three ads. In one, a pair of lunchboxes with Marmite sandwiches are shown. One box contains a bottle of mineral water, the other a mouthwash.

All three were written by Dylan Harrison and art directed by Feargal Balance.

Initiative Media is handling media planning and buying for the campaign, which is targeted mainly at mothers with young children.

Jonathan Trimble, the account director on the business at BMP, said: "Getting people thinking about using Marmite in sandwiches is more difficult on TV. Print allows us to be a lot more specific."