BMP kicks off £1.5m campaign for Nikon consumer cameras

Nikon is launching its first television campaign for ten years through BMP DDB in a bid to take digital photography to a mass audience.

The £1.5 million campaign will aim to introduce Nikon's consumer

digital range in a confident, iconic manner. The brand is a favourite

among professionals and the company wants to extend this into the

consumer market.

The 40-year-old photographic company has previously concentrated on

niche, photographic press for most of its advertising. However, it has

broadened its advertising audience as the range has become more diverse

and affordable.

BMP's campaign features Nikon's Coolpix 775 digital camera and

illustrates four images by the famous photographers Nadav Kander,

Anderson and Lowe and David Modell. The vignettes are captioned as

though reporting four momentous moments which have not yet happened.

One features the first man on Mars, another the last rainforest, a third

features the three-minute mile, and the last a baby vaccinated against

the Aids virus.

The campaign was written by Tim Charlesworth and art directed by Michael

Kaplan. Media is through OMD.