BMP takes Aerial for Schumacher spoof ad for The Guardian

BMP DDB's "wife" radio ad for The Guardian is this month's winner of the Aerial Awards, run in association with Campaign.

The ad, created by Peter Heyes and Matt Lee at BMP, joins the debate on whether Formula 1 racing has become too easy.

It follows an imaginary conversation between Michael Schumacher and his pit crew during a race. The crew tells Schumacher his wife is on the phone and that she wants to know whether he would like sausages for dinner.

Schumacher tells the crew to put his wife through to him.

The endline promotes a Guardian Formula 1 supplement explaining the changes introduced this season in a bid to put the excitement back into Formula 1.

The Aerial judges, Paul Briginshaw and Malcolm Duffy of Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy, said: "The ad wins by a car's length. It's a funny script and stands out from the pack with its high production values and strong, simple idea."

The runner-up was Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO's Mars Frolic campaign. Briginshaw and Duffy added: "These ads are fun to listen to and have bags of branding, and not many ads do that. There was no room on the podium for anyone else."

The Mars Frolic ads, "colic", "sex" and "vet", were created by Mary Wear and Andy McKay at AMV.