BMP targets women with Beetle print drive

BMP DDB is attempting to convey the essence of summer in its print campaign to launch Volkswagen's Beetle Cabriolet.

Colourful images, including a rainbow, butterflies, flowers and a swarm of bees composed of brightly coloured Beetles, aim to evoke the playful mood and innocence of the Cabriolet in a bid to appeal to women.

"When you are doing ads for the Beetle, it is such a unique car and brand personality that you want to say something that only Beetle could," Dylan Harrison, a copywriter on VW at BMP, said. "We wanted to show innocence and shied away from glossy photographs of the product because they aren't charming."

In "bees" and "sunshine" bright yellow beetles are used to depict the rays of the sun and also appear as a swarm of bees. "Butterflies" uses pairs of Beetles joined roof-to-roof to give the appearance of the wings of butterflies. "Rainbow" sees strings of multi-coloured cars stretched across the sky and "flowers" uses green Cabriolets for the stems and groups of orange cars fanned in a circular shape to make the head of the flower.

The creative will run in fashion titles such as InStyle, Elle and Conde Nast Traveller.

"Because we are targeting urban, young-at-heart, fashionable women, we are primarily going for style press," Luke Bozeat, a senior planner at MediaCom, which handled the media planning and buying for the campaign, said. "The idea is to position the car as stylish and like a must-have fashion accessory."

The print campaign was written and art directed by Feargal Balance, Harrison, Ben Wade, Lovisa Almgren and the joint creative directors, Jeremy Craigen and Ewan Paterson.

The print campaign is being supported with a below-the-line push, developed by Proximity. It features a mail pack sent to 80,000 existing, prospective and cold customers using the theme "things are looking up" to highlight the Beetle's cheerful character.