BMPtvi links to BBC Resources in search for TV ad contracts

The BBC, through its commercial arm BBC Resources, has formed an

alliance with the interactive agency BMPtvi to pitch for TV advertising


Although the BBC has produced commercials in the past for companies such

as British Gas, this is the first formal alliance the broadcaster has

formed with an interactive TV advertising agency and signals its

intention to make an aggressive push into the commercial market.

MediaArc, the design and interactive unit of BBC Resources, and BMPtvi

will specialise in producing interactive advertising for digital


Andrew Howells, the managing director of BMPtvi, said: "We don't have

any production capabilities in-house, so this provides a fairly good

dovetail because as an interactive agency we are typically concerned

with the planning and strategy that goes behind a brand, while the BBC

offers production and design capability.

"It is one of the few companies that can deploy across any platform and

is an expert in TV design."

Andy Davy, the director of MediaArc, is insistent that any money made

from commercials will be put back into programming and supplementing the

public licence fee.

BBC Resources is the production services arm of the broadcaster and,

like its sister arm BBC Worldwide, is able to form commercial links

outside the corporation.

Howells said BMPtvi was very happy to work with the BBC on an exclusive

basis, but would not try to stop the production arm from talking to

other agencies.

BMPtvi is introducing its alliance with the BBC to existing clients as

well as prospective new business opportunities.