Boardman to stand down from TBWA to focus on her family

TBWA/London's marketing director, Karen Boardman, has resigned from

the agency to spend more time with her family.

Boardman, who is expecting her third child in April, said that the

difficulties of balancing her working and domestic life had proved too

great over recent months. Her other two children are both less than

three years old.

"TBWA has been very helpful but it's more about me and the way I do the

job," she said. "I'm not happy unless I can give it 110 per cent and my

particular circumstances make that difficult. It's time to focus on my


"I've worked with Paul Bainsfair and Trevor Beattie for a long time and

I've enjoyed working with Garry Lace more recently," she added. "We've

implemented quite a rigorous strategy and there's a plan there that's

bearing fruit. I fully expect next year to be a fantastic success."

TBWA is involved in pitches for the Lloyds TSB and AA accounts. The TBWA

chief executive, Garry Lace, said that finding a replacement would be a

top priority.

"I'm immensely sad to see Karen go because she's probably the most

talented new-business person I've worked with. I'm now searching for the

best new-business director around," Lace said.