Bobcat Safaris ridicules British cows

Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper has unveiled a light-hearted poster campaign aimed at inspiring British holidaymakers to go on safari.

The six-sheet campaign on behalf of the UK tour operator Bobcat Safaris looks to promote an array of specialist adventure tours by poking fun at the lame collection of wildlife on offer in Britain.

The suggestion is that these are dull and "rubbish" in comparison with the range of animals that can be found on an African adventure holiday or wilderness experience.

In one of the executions, the image of a standing cow and a sitting cow are accompanied by the slogan: "They stand or they sit. British animals are rubbish.

"For safari holidays, visit"

Another of the posters, which are all printed in black and white on a pale yellow background, shows a pigeon perched on a headline that reads: "They can be: light grey, dark grey, silver grey, mid grey or ash grey."

The third execution depicts a pathetic-looking bee flying below the words: "Its sting contains enough poison to cause mild irritation."

Michael Flatt, an account manager at Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper, said: "The campaign is not only arresting and humorous but, impor-tantly, it conveys Bobcat Safari's personality and point of difference."

The campaign, which breaks on 5 June, was written by Leanne Gold and art directed by Andy Bobbin. Media is bought and planned by Media Planning Group.