Bodyform unveils period pants in ‘#PainStories’ sequel

Brand is responsible for acclaimed ‘Viva la vulva’ and ‘Blood normal’ ads.

Bodyform, known as Libresse outside the UK, has launched a campaign to promote the brand’s range of period pants.

Created by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, “#LetYourBodyFlow” follows real people as they read, relax and nurse in the comforts of a dimly lit room while wearing the underwear.

It outlines different period experiences for which the pants are suitable, including “stoppy-starty”, “clotty-clumpy” and “calm then stormy”.

It was created by Augustine Cerf and Lauren Peters, and directed by Femke Huurdeman through Canada London. Media is handled by Zenith.

The ad is a follow-up to last week's“#PainStories” to support earlier diagnosis of endometriosis.

Bodyform: campaign supported earlier diagnosis of endometriosis

The campaign was supported by a Pain Museum, which showcased real-life experiences of period pain to expose the "gender pain gap". 

“Our underwear serves more than just a function,” Tanja Grubner, feminine care global marketing and communications direction for brand owner Essity, said.

“Intimawear by Bodyform is a symbol of going with the flow and embracing our amazing, fluctuating biology." 

Other acclaimed works from the brand include last year’s “Wombstories”, 2018’s “Viva la vulva” and “Blood normal”, which was the first in the UK to depict real period blood.

Grubner continued: “We should be able to put our underwear on with confidence and let our body do its thing. 

“Periods are normal and showing the reality and beauty of them should be too, which is exactly what we’ve expressed.”