Boeing presents 'lightest metal ever' consisting of 99.99% air

Aerospace company Boeing has created a video presenting a new material that is ten times lighter than carbon fibre but strong enough for use in floor panels of commercial planes.

Microlattice: formed of hollow tubes of nickel
Microlattice: formed of hollow tubes of nickel

Boeing is describing it as the world’s lightest metal, though rather than being a new metal it is actually nickel shaped into hollow metal tubes about 1,000 times thinner than a human hair.

Microlattice, as the material has been dubbed, creates a strong structure despite being 99.99 per cent air.

This promotional video shows a piece of microlattice sitting on top of a dandelion hardly bending it out of shape.

The material is explained by Sophia Yang, a research scientist at HRH Laboratories, a joint venture with Boeing.

Boeing believes future applications could include creating lighter spacecraft, lighter commercial airplanes and eventually lighter cars.