Bollore tries again in Aegis board bid

Vincent Bollore is looking to make it third time lucky in his efforts to win boardroom representation at Aegis.

Having been twice thwarted by Aegis shareholders at two extraordinary general meetings, the Havas chairman this week indicated that he would call for a third meeting at which to press his claim.

Bollore, who owns a 29.1 per cent stake in Aegis, wants his candidates Roger Hatchuel and Philippe Germond appointed as independent directors of Aegis. So far, Aegis chiefs have resisted the move, claiming the nominee directors would have a conflict of interest because of Bollore's interests in Havas.

In November, 55 per cent of Aegis shareholders backed the board's decision to oppose Bollore, Aegis' biggest single shareholder.

Bollore is thought to favour aligning the Aegis media planning and buying networks with Media Planning Group.