Bombay Sapphire launches online film contest

Bombay Sapphire has launched its second Imagination film competition by signing the actor Adrien Brody as a judge for the contest.

Room 8: a winner in the first Bombay Sapphire Imagination film competition
Room 8: a winner in the first Bombay Sapphire Imagination film competition

The Imagination series, held in association with the Tribeca Film Festival, invites people to create film concepts based on a script provided by the film screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher.

Gravity Road, the content agency, is working with the Bacardi-owned gin brand, on the film-themed campaign, which involves inviting people to visit to submit their ideas.

The competition closes on 4 August, when Brody, Fletcher and a panel of Tribeca Film Festival experts will shortlist four ideas to go into production and a further five ideas to go to a public vote to decide a winner that will also go into production.

Winners of the first Imagination competition include James Griffiths, a London-based film maker who created 'Room 8', a live action piece featuring miniature people and parallel universes. The films, produced by Independent and Gravity Road, were premiered at last week’s Tribeca Film Festival and are now available to view on YouTube.

The winners of the new contest will be premiered at the Tribeca Festival next year.

Magali Podesta, the global marketing manager of Bombay Sapphire, said: "We want to spark people’s imagination in film and let them create a story, showing that imagination can take you everywhere."