Bompas & Parr and Heavy Metal Bowling to host drumstick-smoked BBQ

Food experimental specialists Bompas & Parr is teaming up with organisers of Heavy Metal Bowling to create a heavy metal-themed BBQ event.

Heavy Metal Bowling and Bompas & Parr's Metal BBQ
Heavy Metal Bowling and Bompas & Parr's Metal BBQ

The event will run at Rowans Tenpin Bowl in north London during the evening of 20 November.

It will feature a selection of meats smoked by the wood of drumsticks used by heavy metal bands, while heavy metal fans can play ten-pin bowling accompanied by their favourite records.

Henry Parr of Bompas & Parr explained that drumsticks are thrown to the crowds and often sold as tour mementos, making it possible to buy those used by drummers such as Lars Ulrich of Metallica and John Dolmayan from System of a Down on eBay, as well as those donated by bands themselves.

For the BBQ drumsticks, made of hickory, Canadian maple and golden oak wood, will be chopped down, prepared and use to smoke meat and vegan platters served at the event.

Parr said: "With the Metal BBQ we are going for total maximal intensity of flavour. Unctuous meats and triumphant vegan kebabs will be smoked with the burning hickory drumsticks of metal legends."

In a nod towards the wild side of heavy metal music, the evening will also feature strippers performing a dance called the 'ten pin berserker', pyrotechnics and a condiment castle.

There will be a skull cup trophy for the best hair whips and playlist featuring Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard and Metallica.

The highest scoring bowler of the evening will win the same model of sword used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan the Barbarian.

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