THE BOOK OF LISTS: The 10 Best International Press Ads

1. PlayStation Console - "rebirth"

This ad, showing a woman giving birth to an adult man, won the Grand Prix for best press and poster ad at Cannes. Continuing a long line of attention-grabbing ads for PS2, it certainly fits with TBWA's "disruption" philosophy - someone who isn't even slightly disturbed by this ad must boast a cast-iron stomach.

Country: France

Agency: TBWA\Paris Boulogne-Billancourt

Writer: Eric Helias

Art director: Jorge Carreno

2. Red Cross Mozambique - "Joao"

A doorway has scribbles where Joao has marked off his height with the passing years. At age 21, his markings suddenly go down, not up. He's now in a wheelchair having lost his legs because of a landmine. Simple and powerful.

Country: Mozambique

Agency: Golo Publicidade Maputo

Writer: Tiago Fonseca

Art director: Nuno Vasco

3. Family Plan Medical - "Van Gogh"

This is part of a series of ads where the message is: "Don't forget the family." So we see Van Gogh's self-portrait with the family you never realised he had. James Bond and Che Guevara receive similar treatment with their wives and children crawling out of the woodwork. An entertaining idea which perfectly communicates the brand's message.

Country: Spain

Agency: Contrapunto Madrid

Writer: Fernando Perez

Art director: Ruben Navio

4. Coca-Cola - "man in the shadow"

This spot for Coca-Cola looks more like a simple photograph rather than the bright and breezy advertising which is more usual for Coke. It shows a man sleeping in the shade of a few Coca-Cola crates on a very hot day. It manages to portray the brand in a friendly, affectionate light, no mean feat for a brand anti-globalisation protesters love to hate. A second spot shows a barber using an empty Coca-Cola bottle for his water spray.

Country: India

Agency: McCann-Erickson India

Writer: Prasoon Joshi

Art director: Akshay Kapnadak

5. Buenos Aires Zoo - "polar bear"

The cost of entry to Buenos Aires zoo to see real polar bears is better value for money than buying a stuffed one. Giraffes are given the same treatment in a second ad. Witty, cute and to the point.

Country: Argentina

Agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi

Writer: Mariano Serkin

Art director: Inaki Gonzalez Del Solar

6. Medicos sin Fronteras - "earthquake"

The devastation of an earthquake is softened by the gentle cartoonish nature of this ad. Our hero in the top-left corner is trying to cope with chaos and save lives, but he needs more volunteers to help him. A gentle way of communicating a serious message.

Country: Spain

Agency: McCann-Erickson Madrid

Writer: David Moure

Art director: Victor Aguilar

7. Canadian Film Centre - "toilet"

This series of ads for Toronto's short film festival places the emphasis squarely on the "short" factor, while poking fun at the corny cliches synonymous with film plots. So we see a screenplay written on a single piece of toilet paper: "A bank robber attempts to hold up a bank. He discovers the bank is closed for a national holiday. The end."

Country: Canada

Agency: Taxi Toronto

Writer: Jonathan Careless

Art director: Lance Martin

8. Julian Wolkenstein Photography - "bowls"

All three spots in this campaign show images that have been chopped down the centre to give a disorientating effect. So we see a bowls team that've won a trophy, split into two, with one half dejectedly holding one handle. Next is a class photo with a huge chasm down the middle. The third is a wedding photo with a stroppy bride pulling a face, a million miles away from her groom.

Country: New Zealand

Agency: Colenso BBDO Auckland

Writers: Toby Talbot, Leo Premutico

Art directors: Leo Premutico, Tony Talbot

9. Super Pages - "Chinatown"

These spots promote the Canadian telephone directory Super Pages in a novel way. Instead of concentrating on the information within the directory, "Chinatown" shows a street with all the Chinese shopfronts. But instead of having the name of the business, there is a page number in Chinese-style fonts. A second spot shows a signpost for a mall boasting page numbers instead of business names.

Country: Canada

Agency: Palmer Jarvis DDB

Writer: Joseph Bonnici

Art director: Daryl Gardiner

10. Diesel - "psychoanalysis"

This print campaign for Diesel would make those good people at Millward Brown foam at the mouth. It makes a mockery of the endless research that can precede an advertising campaign with fictional and uninformative facts such as how you can psychoanalyse a Diesel individual by the way they put their hands in their pockets. A confident type, for instance, hooks one thumb into the pocket. Two other executions take the joke further, with one referring to those Diesel individuals who clean their glasses by licking the lenses. Nowt so queer as folk.

Country: Italy

Agency: KesselsKramer

Writer: Lorenzo De Rita

Art director: Pim Van Nunen