THE BOOK OF LISTS: The 10 Best posters

1. The Economist

The master of gently persuasive advertising did it again in 2001. No-one

was surprised when AMV's work for The Economist swept the board at the

Campaign Poster Awards with the latest executions in a series that is

well over ten years old. "Long copy" won the jury's vote for top

individual poster of the year, but Campaign staffers think "E = iq2" had

the edge.

Agency: Abbott Mead

Vickers BBDO

Art director: Dave Dye

Copywriter: Sean Doyle

2. VW

We've come to expect much of BMP and VW and 2001 did not so much as walk

in the brand's footsteps as thunder through its tyre tracks. "Fun fur"

brought the "fun on the outside, serious underneath" proposition to life

for VW's new Beetle.

Agency: BMP DDB

Art director: Justin Tindall

Copywriter: Adam Tucket

3. Paddy Power

BBH proved that it can do funny as well as cool with lovely work for

Ireland's biggest bookmaker, which came to posters for the first time

with this campaign. "Feeding time" was just one of many clever

realisations of the line: "Let's make things more interesting."

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Art director: Rik Brown

Copywriter: Jon Fox

4. Nike

"Pickpockets" was just one of a number of involving posters in the Nike

Run London campaign. The run turned out to be hugely


Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

Art directors: Andy Smart, Chris Groom

Copywriters: Roger Beckett, Matt Follows

5. Guinness

"Ice cubes" took the Guinness Extra Cold brief to new heights with its

weird part-photo, part-illustration style.

Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

Art director: Jeremy Carr

Copywriter: Jeremy Carr

6. VSO

"The man who usually puts up these posters is wallpapering a youth

hostel in Vietnam" took the Campaign Posters jury by storm.

Simultaneously involving and provoking, it served the VSO charity


Agency: Leonardo

Art director: Sturat Button

Copywriter: Wesley Hawes

7. Newcastle Brown Ale

Scottish Courage parodied the much complained-about Sophie Dahl Opium

poster to launch two new packaging formats this year. The supermodel,

who was wearing nothing but jewellery, stilettos and a suggestive pose

in the YSL version, has turned into a Brown Ale drinker in boilersuit

and battered working boots. Funny? Certainly. Legally dodgy? Even more


Agency: Circus

Art director: Tim Ashton

Copywriter: David Prideaux

8. Labour Party

TBWA/London spoofed the action movie poster genre for this Labour Party

ad. In election year, it raised political issues in an interesting,

provocative way.

Agency: TBWA/London

Art director: Graham Cappi

Copywriter: Alan Moseley

9. ITV Digital

Typical Mother. Take a brand in need of urgent resusitation and give it

a makeover with a simple, populist idea at the heart of the campaign.

The rebranding of ONdigital to ITV Digital, with Monkey at its heart,

gained enormous PR coverage. Awareness and sales rocketted too.

Agency: Mother

Art director: Mother

Copywriter: Mother

10. Transport for London

"Unnoticed" continued the tradition of clarity and impact for Transport

for London. A distinctive typographic style ensured maximum awareness

and readability.

Agency: Partners BDDH

Art directors: Steve Nicholls, Matthew Anderson

Copywriters: Steve Nicholls, Matthew Anderson