THE BOOK OF LISTS: The 10 Best print launches of 2001

1. Glamour

The most successful UK launch for years and a personal landmark for

Conde Nast's managing director, Nicholas Coleridge. Glamour's influence

can already be felt in the A5 test runs of its stablemate, GQ. However,

the big test will come in February when the novelty wears off and a 30p

cover price rise takes effect.

2. In Style

Almost wholly overshadowed by its Conde Nast rival, In Style's

circulation has been the subject of sceptical whispers around the

industry. However, with Time Inc's goodwill and resources behind it,

this US publishing phenomenon should not be dismissed just yet.

3. Web User

You know you've launched into the right market when your title becomes

instantly embroiled in a legal dispute over the territory. VNU was right

to point out the similarity of Web User's cover to its own title. But no

matter how it looks, the IPC magazine seems to have carved out a

potentially lucrative niche, simplifying the internet.

4. Real

Pioneering a revolutionary new fortnightly frequency, H Bauer's move

upmarket appeared to pay off when Real surpassed its 300,000 circulation

guarantee during the first two months. Reality seems to be biting,

however, with reports of drooping sales and half-price ad sales.

5. Cosmo Girl

It's too early to say whether NatMags' venture into the teen market will

evolve into the sector leader that its parent title is.

6. Fable

In art design and editorial quality, the gay and lesbian community's

first genuinely mainstream title delivered everything it had promised.

If Unilever's involvement with the first issue is anything to go by,

this could finally prove the attraction of the pink pound to mainstream


7. Observer Food Monthly

A worthy follow-up to the critically acclaimed Observer Sports Monthly,

OFM adopted the same strategy with the same high-quality result. The two

mags must be a considerable cost to Guardian Newspapers, but their

effects on circulation cannot be disputed. The paper was up 9.25 per

cent year on year in September.

8. Ice

Who said the lads' market was saturated? With less subtlety than even

Cabal's Front, this independent title has established an early


9. Now Star Style

IPC clearly thinks it can leverage more income from Now's success - and

who can blame them. A brand extension in defiance of prevailing


10. Money

This standalone Mail on Sunday spin-off could blaze a significant trail

in the personal finance sector. With The Daily Telegraph to follow suit,

established titles such as Your Money should watch their balance sheets.