THE BOOK OF LISTS: The 10 Best UK Press Ads

1. Land Rover - "Masai"

Yet again, Land Rover has delivered what is arguably this year's best piece of aspirational car advertising. It stands spears and shields above the rest of the tribe. As with previous versions, the idea and the art direction are clever and simple but undeniably striking. The otherworldly elegance of the Masai people themselves adds to the impact.

Agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R

Writer: Mike Boles

Art director: Jerry Hollens

2. Department of Health - "sex lottery"

Tough brief this: alert young people to the dangers of sexual disease without turning them off. With these "sex lottery" scratchcards, the creative team fulfilled the brief without falling into earnest preaching. While the sex lottery theme speaks directly to the target audience, the "scratch" element has a certain relevance too.

Agency: Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners

Writer: Jon Elsom

Art director: Ken Sara

3. Merrydown - "upside-down-heads"

In a world swimming in booze ads, this refreshing campaign leapt out as light-hearted and seemingly effortless. The press versions are even better than the poster executions because you can actually turn them around and view them the other way up for full effect. Merrydown is officially back on the cider category radar.

Agency: Campbell Doyle Dye

Writer: Sean Doyle

Art director: Dave Dye

4. Volkswagen - "flowers"

These bright and breezy ads capture the spirit of summer. They make you want to drive down the road, with the top down and the wind rushing through your hair, even now, in the depths of December. The campaign was created to launch the Beetle Cabriolet as a fun car, appealing to the flowers-and-rainbows-loving girlie-girl in us all. Bless.

Agency: BMP DDB

Writers/art directors: Dylan Harrison, Feargal Ballance, Louisa Almgren,

Ben Wade, Ewan Patterson, Jeremy Craigen

5. Adidas - "impact"

The stars of this year's Rugby World Cup are brought to life through this unique campaign. The self-portraits were based on impressions formed by the players covering themselves in acrylic paint and throwing themselves at canvas-wrapped tackle bags. The result is a set of paint-splattered executions that evoke what it must be like to be on the pitch.

Agency: 180

Writer: Brad Roseberry

Art director: Stuart Brown

6. Barnardo's - "Barnardo's"

Any campaign tackling child poverty needs to be thought-provoking and BBH came up with the goods for Barnardo's. The ads, inspired by the fact the UK has the worst child poverty rate in Europe, subvert the cliche of the child born with a silver spoon in its mouth. Yet another charity milking controversy for PR effect? Yes, but that doesn't dilute the impact of the ads.

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Writer: George Prest

Art director: Johnny Leathers

7. Elle Macpherson - "intimates"

The Glue Society's brief was to launch Elle Macpherson's latest lingerie range without featuring "The Body" herself modelling the range. Which seems a shame. These edgy press ads may be a little too "intimate" for those of a delicate disposition, but their raw sexuality makes Kylie look like Shirley Temple.

Agency: The Glue Society

Writer/art director: The Glue Society

8. Paddy Power - "Paddy Power"

The TV ident version of this campaign picked up a silver at the BTAA, but the print work is no less effective. It communicates Paddy Power's fun, if tasteless, approach to betting. The cheeky strapline set against an, at first glance, innocent image of two children in the bath, will appeal to dad lads everywhere.

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Writers: George Prest, Jon Fox, Nick Kidney, Adrian Grieve

Art directors: Johnny Leathers, Alex Rossi, Rik Brown, Kevin Stark

9. Marmite - "love and hate"

Encouraging "haters" to try Marmite in their sarnies is never going to be an easy task. This attempt works as well in print as anywhere. Love the sticky brown stuff or loathe it, you've got to adore these posters.

Agency: BMP DDB

Writer: Dylan Harrison

Art director: Feargal Ballance

10. Remington - "trim and shape"

As attention-grabbing campaigns go, this has to be among the year's winners. It entered uncharted territory with a fresh take on a client that gave us Victor Kiam buying the company. That approach would never have worked for this product.

Agency: Grey London

Writer: Jimmy Blom

Art director: J Marlow