THE BOOK OF LISTS: The 10 Best viral campaigns

1. Nike Run London

AKQA developed the highly successful Nike Run London online campaign

where users created a movie, sent it to a mate and tried to get them to

enter the run. All 10,000 places on the event went in less than a week

and most of them were done via the website. Impressively, the website's

address was not even promoted in the first phase of the activity.

2. One2one

Glue developed a great microsite with "audio fridge magnets". Users

could create their own audio message by using the magnets then e-mail

this message to a friend. When opened the recipient could hear and see

the note. There was a 22 per cent click-through on the ad - high.

3. Felix

Ogilvy Interactive rolled out more work for Felix and built on one of

last year's most successful viral campaigns. The agency has managed to

sign up more than 120,000 individual potential punters to this marketing

effort from an original campaign of 1,000 seed e-mails.

4. Captain Scarlet

Carlton Video embarked on a pioneering new form of viral marketing to

profile the launch of Captain Scarlet on DVD and video. Developed by

E-Marketing, 300,000 members of Carlton Video's database were sent an

e-mail. What was special was that when it was opened it automatically

ran a video clip and the software didn't show up as an attachment so it

bypassed firewalls.

5. Ford rally sponsorship

Ford launched six 20-second films in September that featured two men

dressed in Ford rally suits running around London pretending to drive a

car and making car noises. Sounds stupid, yes, but in reality they were

quite funny.

6. The Guardian

A brilliant campaign for its daily interactive crossword on the website.

Simply an mpeg of the TV spot featuring an erudite rapper, but very

funny none the less and still effective - especially with the rapper's

endline of "Yo DJ! Abrade those polymers. Let's get assiduous".

7. Chewchat

Leonardo performed well for the new Kellogg brand. The team developed a

language based on symbols that would be discovered by kids and then

evolved by kids. The results: 4,215,471 hits, 894,306 page views and

more than 128,000 unique visitors spending, on average, ten minutes on

the site. Plus, stock sold out in the four weeks after the product



In July, Virginstudent. com was looking to promote the new travel

section of its website and asked Abel & Baker to devise an online game.

The game invited users to kill a variety of holiday pests, including a

caricature of Judith Chalmers using a giant sandal. User registrations

increased by 25 per cent during the month that the game was on the


9. Dulux

Dulux doubled up on the great TV spots by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO and

lost its viral cherry in August. A competition microsite called

"fluffcentral" targeted 10,000 women and invited them to match pieces of

fluff taken from a series of male torsos to Dulux paint colours -

mirroring the TV ad.

10. FHM magazine

FHM magazine launched a viral-mail motor-racing game earlier this year

and posted it as part of an e-mail newsletter to 200,000 subscribers.

The game could be passed on virally for the chance to compete against