THE BOOK OF LISTS: The 10 Coolest digital gadgets

1. Palm m500/m505

Palm PDA users have been asking for three things for quite some time; a

colour screen, USB connectivity and expandability. Well, what do you

know - Palm has been listening. The m500 and m505 models now provide all

three of these things, making them something with which to silence the

smug bastards flashing their Compaq iPaq's at meetings. Ah, the

pleasures of the Palm.

2. NEC 61in TV

Sixty-one inches? Are you insane? The warp drives will surely explode

under the strain. But until they do, sit back and enjoy the world's most

expensive plasma screen telly for the princely sum of £15,000. It

also weighs as much as my gran but is considerably easier to hang on a


3. Casio Wrist Camera WQV-3

James Bond stylie! Send secret mission images taken by this wrist-watch

camera to your personal computer. Why? As with most hi-tech inventions,

who cares why? Just do it. The new updated model has colour images -

shun the inferior B&W version.

4. FujiFilm MX-2900

The digital camera market took off this year and this is one of the more

flamboyant products around. Its hefty £596 price tag leaves little

margin for error. However, for your hard-earned reddies, you get a

user-friendly camera. Tasty.

5. Fuji FinePix6800 zoom

Another digital camera with all the trimmings - but this one's designed

by Porsche. Woof!

6. PlayStation 2

Oh come on. You know you want one - well, until Microsoft's Xbox comes

out, anyway. Gran Turismo 3 ... ahhh, drool, drool.

7. Plasma screens

Panasonic's new flat-panel displays and televisions are outstanding.

Some even come in with built-in DVD players. The two largest displays

are 37 inches and 50-inch monsters. Designed as televisions, they

include digital satellite receivers and can support high-definition

broadcasting. Just shell out £7,800. Lordy.

8. iPod

The MP3 player for your creative types that still bleat on, wrongly,

about how Macs are sooo superior to PCs - for this little beauty only

works on Macs. This smart bugger goes and charges its lithium polymer

battery as it downloads songs. It also packs a 5Gbyte hard drive, which

can store up to 1,000 songs. Sexy.

9. Panasonic portable DVD

Panasonic, aka Matsushita, has come up with a portable DVD player with a

whopping 9-inch LCD screen - just large enough to claim the title of

largest display on a portable player. Other features include a built-in

TV tuner. Yours for less than £700. Perfect for business class

junkies. Treat yourself.

10. Sony Aibo

Sony's pet Aibo robot now comes in the form of two cute and cuddly dogs

named Latte and Macaron. Equipped with speech-recognition software, this

toy now has the ability to learn its own name and that of its owner -

and each has its own personality. Latte is programmed to be adorable and

Macaron to be mischievous. Bless.