THE BOOK OF LISTS: The 10 Top customer magazines

1. Waitrose Food Illustrated by John Brown Publishing

JBP holds a customer publisher's dream brief from Waitrose - produce a

high-quality food magazine full stop. The title's features are not

restricted to products that can be found in the store and the result is

a magazine that could go head to head with any consumer rival in terms

of editorial value. Add a thoroughly respectable paid-for circulation of

241,228 and this is the template for customer publishing at its


2. Patek Philippe by Forward

The luxury watch brand's magazine is a lesson in elegance and style for

those consumer publishers squabbling over who boasts the best AB1

profile. The design is sophisticated and perfectly balanced and the

subject matter extends far beyond the subject of timepieces to include

features on murals and vintage aircraft and National Geographic-style


3. Marks & Spencer Magazine by Redwood

You can't argue with the readership muscle of M&S's instore title.

According to the latest NRS figures, this is the second most read

women's title in the UK after the all-conquering weekly Take a


4. O by John Brown Publishing

The Orange customer title is an exercise in purposeful graphic design,

with the square format and funky orange layouts echoing the brand values

of the mobile phone operator. The magazine now reaches five million

customers across the UK.

5. Voyager by Mediamark

Bmi's inflight title has frequently been seen as a poor relation to the

expensively redesigned offerings of BA and Virgin Atlantic. Yet its

single issue editorial approach makes a convincing break from the

patchwork coverage of its rivals and offers genuine differentiation from

anything passengers might bring on board.

6. High Life/Business Life by Cedar

As the world's only profit-making inflight magazine - at least up to

September this year - High Life points the way to the future of both

inflight magazines and customer publishing as a whole. The European

business spin-off is one of the most coherent attempts made yet to

capture the attention of the Continent's elite.

7. Safeway Magazine by Redwood

It may have dipped slightly this year, but Safeway's paid-for magazine

boasts the highest circulation of any title in the UK food sector,

beating the free titles of Asda and Somerfield as well as consumer

magazines such as BBC Good Food.

8. HN Magazine by Redwood

Harvey Nichols' customer title shows the power of the sector to drive

sales directly. Forty six per cent of readers have visited the store to

buy an item first seen in the title.

9. Liverpool FC by Haymarket

The Anfield side's official matchday magazine breaks new ground for

football clubs, with pumped-up editorial coverage that can be purchased

across the country on the weekend of home matches.

10. Hotline by John Brown Publishing

Train titles have long been the most disappointing area of customer

publishing in the UK. Virgin Trains' Hotline doesn't solve all the

problems. However, it is still a huge step toward giving the sector the

respectability of its airborne cousin.