THE BOOK OF LISTS: BEST DIARY STORIES OF 2001 - The League of Fame 2001

Would you believe it? Mother takes over from BMP to top the League

of Fame with six Picks of the Week in 2001 and no Turkeys. It would be

churlish to mention the small matter of Lowe's appearance high up the

table opposite, wouldn't it?

1 Mother Super Noodles, ITV Digital, Organics, Batchelors, Dr

Pepper, Mighty Mint

2 Lowe Lintas Domestos, Reebok, Heineken, Aero, Peperami, Reebok

3 AMV Dulux, Guinness (Dreamclub), Genie, Duracel

4 O&M Physio Sport, Samaritans, Lucozade Sport

5 BMP DDB Volkswagen, VW Lupo, Budweiser

6 JWT Smirnoff (dog), Malibu (melons)

7 McCann-Erickson Durex, Cancer Research

8 Rainey Kelly Land Rover, Energy Savings

9 Saatchi & Saatchi Cadbury Fingers, Lexus

10 TBWA Unicef, PlayStation (fawn)