THE BOOK OF LISTS: BEST DIARY STORIES OF 2001 - The League of Shame 2001

Oh dear, the inevitable has happened. Mighty McCann tops the League

of Shame for the second year running with five Turkeys of the Week in

2001, although it redeems itself with a seventh place on the League of

Fame, opposite.

1 McCann ATOC, Immac, Norwich Union, Harpic Powerfoam, Senekot

2 Grey Nokia Communicator, Slimfast, Pantene

3 Lowe Lintas Magnum, Sure Deowipes, Vauxhall Zafira

4 TBWA Snowflake, Samsonite, Eurostar

5 HHCL & Partners Association of Investment Trusts, AA Insurance,


6 The Leith Agency Standard Life, Honda Civic

7 Saatchi & Saatchi Lloyds, Head & Shoulders

8 Yellow M Conservatives, Conservatives

9 Roose & Partners Toffee Crisp

10 Mustoe Merriman Levy Real