THE BOOK OF LISTS: Lavish entertaining rules as Platt buys top spot in sales list

Campaign's ranking of outstanding media sales phenomena has yet

again been dogged by widespread allegations of bribery, corruption and

utter lunacy. What's more, this year the insanity has been pushed to

unbelievable levels with the invasion of Mongol Warlords, born-again

Christians and Terry Mansfield on a tractor.

And that doesn't include the tales we didn't have room for. Such as Mike

Anderson's team-building exercise when he took his Metro boys and girls

to Edinburgh to get stoned. By the natives.

The list, topped by Carlton Sales' Steve Platt, will confirm many

people's views of media sales as the last bastion of lavish corporate

freeloading and leaping eccentricity. Worries now centre on Channel 4,

which appears to have become infiltrated by a quasi-religious sect. Are

they Krishnas? Freemasons? Branch Davidians? Campaign's advice: use only

trained media specialists when dealing with these people.

- Media sales phenomena, p25.