THE BOOK OF LISTS: Your starter for tens

I take back every word Campaign has ever published about the need for advertising to be more grown up, to concentrate on the essentials of commerce at the expense of the glorious froth that makes us all want to work in and around the business. This serious stuff, I now realise, is nowhere near as fun as compiling top tens. Formerly a means for not forgetting bin bags during the weekly shop - lists, as everyone knows, are the new rock and roll of journalism.

We publish this third Book of Lists confident that there will be something in it for everyone. There are best ads in numerous media outlets, best scoops, best sales teams, best new programmes and so on. And then things start to get a bit silly: can you really face 2003 without knowing who wrote the best internal memo in 2002 (p49), who's got the best nickname (p45) or who threw the biggest strop of the year (p49)?

It's quite possible that if the group of Campaign staff who compiled these lists had got together in the afternoon rather than the morning we might have come up with other versions. Rankings such as these are subjective processes, after all. But we've had a damn good go trying and we hope you find this issue mildly diverting after a truly trying year. Happy Christmas.