#BoycottGillette: Twitter takes on razor brand's #MeToo ad

'I used to love beating up kids at barbecues. Now I realise that is wrong. Also, my balls have never been smoother. Thanks, Gillette.'

#BoycottGillette: Twitter takes on razor brand's #MeToo ad

Gillette’s "The best men can be" campaign, which addresses bullying, sexism and harassment, has provoked a fierce debate online.

The ad – which showcases the worst of male behaviour and asks: "Is this the best a man can get?" – has caused a stir on Twitter with users even starting a #BoycottGillette hashtag. 

— El_Mariachi (@El_Mariachi051) January 14, 2019

An angry Piers Morgan also slammed the "man-hating" ad:

Users have called the ad "smarmy" and "the product of mainstream radicalized feminism" in Twitter tirades:

— Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) January 15, 2019

British comedian Ricky Gervais weighed in on the debate too:

However, the response was not wholly negative, with some commentators praising the "brave" spot:

Meanwhile, others have raised concerns about those complaining:

Joe Wade, chief executive of Don't Panic, pointed out that brands that jump on a political purpose bandwagon with no "track record as a purposeful brand" often garner criticism. He said: "The backlash demonstrates that they have no right to be in this space that they have entered, learning nothing from Pepsi's 'Jennergate' debacle.

"No-one looks to a razor company for guidance or wisdom on how to be a man."