BR Ballot: Pret needs to rethink its marketing

LONDON - Pret A Manager should revamp its marketing and packaging, Brand Republic readers voted, after it was revealed earlier this week to be labelling frozen chicken shipped from Brazil as "fresh".

More than 70% of people responding to a Brand Republic poll via the website and Twitter said Pret A Manager needs either a new marketing campaign (50%) to restore its image or revamp its packaging (25%).

The sandwich chain came under fire over its food labelling stance for the second time in a week when it was revealed to be labelling sandwiches made with chicken shipped in from Brazil as "fresh".

Pret a Manger claimed that the large volume of produce it needed was only one of the reasons that it shipped in stocks from Brazil. It also said that welfare conditions at the factory in Brazil where the chickens come from are of a higher standard than at British rivals.

Pret's packaging claims that its sandwiches contain "the best, natural stuff you'd want to use at home" and "just made with preservative-free, fresh, natural ingredients".

Comments from Twitter: Should Pret a Manger change its marketing strategy?

@spittingcat This was always going to be a problem since the McDonalds involvement began, a divorcing of the brand from the production.

@Scarlettdaftks BrandRepublic "Fresh food, flown in from Brazil!" lol

@Brightonfreebie Need to look into Subway too..fried(?) hash potatoes does not really match their pledge to "eat fresh"..?

@telemachos Agree on the McDonald's front – besides they insist on too much mayo and waist expanding dressings

@seaneeboy I don't think so – but they need to fix the ongoing #prfail!

@seaneeboy Maybe all these brand problems are only coming from PR mistakes. If they sort that I'd bet these crises will dry up.

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