BR Video: Blogs not taken seriously by public

LONDON - The Smeargate scandal involving Labour blogger Derek Draper was "juvenile" according to some members of the public and if the rumours had made it onto the Red Rag blog most claim they would not have taken them seriously -- watch the video now.

The Red Rag website, which was destined to carry the unfounded allegations about senior Tories invented by Gordon's Brown's communications advisor Damian McBride and emailed to Draper, was to be modelled on the right wing Guido Fawkes blog, which specialises in scandal stories, mostly about Labour politicians.

Members of the public interviewed for the latest Brand Republic video described the email smears as "juvenile" and "appalling" with some saying it had resulted in less respect for politicians and the Labour party.

The majority of the people interviewed said that they would not have taken the allegations seriously if they had made it onto the blog with some saying they did not take much notice of blogs and trusted national newspapers more.

McBride resigned as the prime minister's head of strategy and planning over his role in the scandal and Draper is under pressure to quit his position as editor of the LabourList website, which is backed by Cabinet ministers.