BR Video: Is Burger King or McDonald's the home of value and quality?

With the news that Burger King is to launch its first "value" menu, we asked the public to tell us who offered the best value and quality, BK or McDonald's?

Burger King is to roll-out the "value" menu from January, introducing an offering that competes with its bigger rival's "Saver menu".

The members of the public interviewed leaned towards the opinion that McDonald's was cheaper, but they were divided on quality.

The interviews were conducted in Sutton, with two respondents highlighting how the McDonald's restaurant in the town was engaging in promotional offers.

Amelia, a 17-year-old student, said: "Burger King is a bit too expensive but you don't really get that much for it."

TV director Ben concurred, criticising the cost of Burger King at service stations, but felt the two chains were "much of a muchness" on quality.

But the home of the Whopper had a die-hard defender in 63-year-old retiree Peter, who claimed: "Burger King has always been a quality burger, I'd prefer it over McDonald's any day. It's more expensive than McDonald's, but it's quality."

He was not alone in expressing the view that his choice was healthier and said he believed McDonald's food contained "too much sugar".

Burger King "tastes healthier", said receptionist Maria, and is "slightly healthier" because they grill the beef, in the words of Edith, a 32-year-old press officer.

The video was produced by Vox Pops International on behalf of Brand Republic.