BR Video: Consumers plan no change in spending habits

LONDON - Consumers' spending habits this year will be the same as they were in 2009, according to members of the public interviewed in the latest BR Video.

We asked people what they expected their spending habits to be like in 2010, and the best way to sum up their mood is "cautious".

Most people said their habits would probably be the same as last year, but none said they planned to spend more.

The most upbeat was Paul, a 52-year old retail manager, who said if the economy improved he would probably borrow some money and spend it. "But at the moment," he said, "you need to be prudent and not borrow in case you can't pay it back."

Others indicated their focus was on saving money. One woman said she was expecting things to get more expensive and was adding more insulation to her house. Another said she was planning to be more frugal to save money towards big items.

Some were nervous about the direction of interest rates. Leslie, a 50 year-old teacher, said she was uncertain about 2010 because "we don't know when the Government [will] suddenly whack up their bank interest rates again".

Michael, a 52-year old lecturer, said his household would be "spending pretty much the same as last year, seeing what the interest rate does and being generally more careful".

Vox Pops International conducted the interviews and created the video on behalf of Brand Republic.