BR Video: Consumers prefer to buy British

LONDON - Consumers would pay more for a loaf of bread made from 100% British wheat, despite Warburtons' having dropped plans to sell one, according to the latest BR Video.

In light of Warburtons' saying it had dropped the plans, hinting at a lack of interest from consumers, we took to the streets to ask people if they would be would be more likely to buy a loaf if it was made entirely from British wheat and how much extra they would pay.

Among those who said yes, 59 year-old healthcare assistant Elaine ventured a price of up to £1.40 while 48 year-old events organiser Judy said she would go as far as £1.30.

Roxanne, a 21-year old student suggested 20p extra, but the men interviewed largely did not care about where the wheat in their bread was grown.

"There's no particular reason why I would buy a loaf of bread that's made from British wheat," Billy, a 52 year-old bus driver said.

Echoing the opinion, 54 year-old surveyor Phil said: "I don't really look too closely at all the bits and pieces on the packaging."

We also asked people which other food products they bought or admired for using British ingredients.

Rather than naming any particular brands, the recurring answer was they prefer to buy British meat, with fruit and vegetables also cropping up.

"Good old Yorkshire sausages," said 21 year-old music producer Joe, "you can taste the difference".