BR Video: Dairy Milk ads more memorable than rival Galaxy

LONDON - The public is divided over which chocolate tastes better, but Cadbury Dairy Milk has the clear edge over Galaxy in terms of creating memorable advertising, according to the latest Brand Republic video -- watch it now.

Cadbury's flagship Dairy Milk brand has lost market share to rival Mars' Galaxy according to the annual Biggest Brands survey, but when Brand Republic took to the streets we found that Cadbury's Dairy Milk ads have lasted longer in the public's memories than Galaxy's marketing activity.

Last week Publicis Groupe moved the £100m Cadbury business out of its Publicis London agency and into its Saatchi & Saatchi Fallon (SSF) group.

The appointment followed the success of the 'gorilla' ad, which was created by Fallon.

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Earlier this month Cadbury's released a three-minute ad featuring both its 'gorilla' and 'trucks' Dairy Milk ads, remixed with new music by Bonnie Tyler and Bon Jovi.

Meanwhile Galaxy's marketing strategy has focused on targeting women through high profile partnerships with the 'Sex and the City' film and the British Book awards.

In the Biggest Brands survey compiled for Marketing by TNS, Dairy Milk lost share in the take-home confectionery sector, posting growth below the 2% market rate to reach a sales value of about £200m. By contrast, Galaxy grew 12% year on year to about £80m.