BR Video: Public says insurance hike for social web users is a money-making excuse

LONDON - Members of the public interviewed in the latest BR video believe that the plan to increase users' insurance premiums because of their social networking website-use is just another excuse created by insurance firms to raise their prices.

Homeowners could see their insurance rates increase if anyone in the household uses social networking sites, according to the Daily Mail. This idea stems from reports that users are divulging too much information online.

However, members of the public interviewed in the latest Brand Republic video believe the plans to increase users' premiums because of their use of social networking websites are completely based on raking in more cash.

One man said: "It's a perceived threat but it's like a lot of other things.

"I think it's scare mongering on behalf of insurance companies. They'll use any excuse to put the prices up if they can."

Another woman was unsure whether or not the move would be fair, but felt it was reasonable to tackle users who did foolishly divulge too much information online.

All respondents agreed that they were more vigilant about their comments and the kinds of information they uploaded onto social networking sites after hearing about credit card frauds and other incidents, such as the Facebook bully who was jailed for threatening to kill a teenager, and the Virgin Atlantic employees who were fired for insulting customers online.

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