BR Video: Sky+ users skip most ads but can be persuaded to pause

LONDON - People interviewed in the latest Brand Republic Video tend to skip ads using Sky+ or other personal video recorders but will stop for the most creative spots -- watch it now.

Asking people in London for their opinions this week Brand Republic found that Sky+ and other digital video recorders have changed their viewing habits with most people recording programmes in advance and then skipping through the ads.

However the majority would press play for a particularly entertaining, creative or highly publicised ad such as Honda's live parachute jump.

Ad agencies will swim harder against the PVR current, with Freeview recorders gaining in popularity and news this week that the first unit suitable for use with Freesat is launching in November.

The Humax model boasts a 320GB hard drive capable of storing up to 80 hours of HD programming or 200 hours of standard definition material.

Earlier this month it was revealed ITV was trialling new overlay ad technology, which will allow ads to be embedded into blank space during TV programmes, to overcome the problem of viewers skipping ads.

The technology, developed by Californian start-up Keystream, uses complex computer algorithms to find clear space such as sky or blank walls to display company logos or messages.

It is currently being tested during local news footage on ITV's website but if successful the broadcaster plans to transfer it to TV.