BR Video: Woolworths collapses but does the public care?

LONDON - Woolworths' service is diabolical and it is behind the times but many will miss the high street store if it disappears, according to the latest Brand Republic video -- watch it now.

Woolworths went into administration on November 26 and is understood to have debts of £385m. At present the stores are continuing to trade but Brand Republic asked members of the public if they will miss Woolies if it disappears from the high street.

The majority of people interviewed in the video said that they would miss the store, which some see as national institution, but when asked why they thought it had collapsed "diabolical" service, an inability to change with the times and "uninviting" emerged as criticisms.

Woolworths' CD, DVD and computer games distribution business Entertainment UK is also in administration.

However there has been some good news for the retailer according to administrator Deloitte, which said on Wednesday that there has been "strong interest" in buying the leases of Woolworths' 815 stores across the country.

The comment came ahead of the 4pm Thursday deadline for potential buyers to register their interest.