Bradshaw says digital bill vital to protect creative industries

LONDON - Culture secretary Ben Bradshaw today said that unless the digital economy bill becomes law, the creative sector could be 'decimated' by illegal filesharing.

Ben Bradshaw...fighting for digital bill
Ben Bradshaw...fighting for digital bill

The bill, published on Friday, includes proposals to cut off internet connection for repeat offenders, and to amend copyright laws if new technology allows new ways of copying.

But the bill must fight with 15 others for a place on the legislative agenda in this final term of the current Parliamentary session.

Speaking to The Guardian, Bradshaw said that unless the bill is passed: "…we won’t be able to do anything about illegal filesharing which will decimate our creative sector."

ISPs attacked the proposals on Friday, saying that a system of fines was preferable to cutting off access to the internet.

In the Guardian interview, Bradshaw also alleged that the Tories had subcontracted their media and broadcasting policy to News International.