Brainlabs partners Talon Outdoor for 'focused approach' to digital OOH

Partnership launches with Pret A Manger click-and-collect campaign.

Brainlabs: first Talon powered campaign is for Pret A Manger
Brainlabs: first Talon powered campaign is for Pret A Manger

Brainlabs has teamed up with independent out-of-home media specialist Talon to extend its media reach into digital OOH for the first time.

In response to increased client interest in OOH and DOOH, Brainlabs had been seeking a partner to buy specific placements in an agile and effective way. The partnership will allow Brainlabs to incorporate Talon's data management platform, Ada, and its proprietary DSP (demand-side platorm), Atlas, into its tech stack for enhanced OOH activity.

Ada comprises various data sets, including:

  • One billion location events, which are gathered by SDK (software development kit) integrations of mobile device IDs.
  • 850,000 points of interest within the platform, that include restaurants, cinemas, museums, Underground stations and bus stops.
  • 100% of the UK's outdoor inventory, both classic and digital
  • "Route", the OOH industry currency, that looks at the visibility of the OOH panels.

Kloe Wells, senior sales manager at Talon, said: "It gives us a very detailed level [of data]. From whatever audience we build, we can then see which out-of-home panels they are most likely to see and at what times of the day. So we can start to build extremely bespoke schedules based on who it is we're trying to target."

Using Ada's first-party data, Brainlabs will be able to build audiences based on consumers' real and recent behaviours that are bespoke to individual clients, brands, or products. Brainlabs will also use Ada to measure campaign effectiveness by tracking footfall and store visits. These unique data sets will enable Brainlabs to plan digital OOH placements programmatically via Atlas.

The partnership's debut project is an OOH campaign with Pret A Manger, which went live on 17 June, to advertise the coffee and sandwich chain's click-and-collect services in Manchester.

Becci Dive, head of marketing at Pret, said: "As we continue to transform our business strategy, our marketing strategy is naturally following suit as we lean evermore on data to engage our customers with what they want, wherever they want.

"DOOH is a key channel in enabling us to fulfil this, and we're thrilled to be extending the strategies we have in place with Brainlabs across new touchpoints, and are now able to access the brilliantly creative and industry-leading teams at Talon."

When it came to Pret's product launch, Mark Syal, global chief product officer at Brainlabs, says he felt that DOOH was the best solution as it enabled the chain to create a big physical presence while targeting the right consumers through a focused approach.

He said: "The budget won't permit TV, but also you can't target TV like that anyway. So if there's something big and physical that we can actually see, it's going to create that impact and it's going to fuel the whole campaign, and outdoor really came to mind.

"So, when we were convinced that we could get the audience targeting we needed to make it precise, we were called to action. We were very excited to give it a go. It is an experiment but it's one we feel very confident in."