Brand Barometer: Social media performance of Creme Egg

A look at the performance of Creme Egg in social media over the past four months

Creme Egg takes the sporty approach with its latest marketing activity
Creme Egg takes the sporty approach with its latest marketing activity

Conversation was minimal, although die-hard fans began to count down to 'Creme Egg Season'

The 'Goo Games' launched, with a 'cracking' opening ceremony. 'Creme Egg' trended on Twitter toward the end of the month

Cadbury participated in the first wave of Twitter's roll-out of UK brand pages. It used the page to promote the TV ad for 'Goo Games', along with an Olympic ticket competition

As Easter approached, Creme Egg's Facebook game gathered pace, with weekly prizes for top scorers

Cadbury's tie-in with London 2012 is ideal for the Creme Egg brand, with a range of videos on Facebook featuring 'suicidal' eggs performing different events. It will be interesting to see whether the campaign is extended after the traditional finishing line of Easter Sunday in this, an Olympic year.

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