Brand Experience Report 2014: Six brands on experiential

Heineken, Vita Coco and Adobe are among six brands that were asked what they look for from experiential, as part of Event's first Brand Experience Report.

Vita Coco's Lollibop activation took place in August 2014
Vita Coco's Lollibop activation took place in August 2014


Lucinda Brett, UK head of marketing 

"From a UK perspective, Lavazza's vision is to immerse consumers in our deep Italian heritage and, quite simply, for them to experience our brilliant Italian coffee; whether that is through tastings, sampling, visually or by way of educating.

"As a brand, we place huge importance on quality, which is always at the forefront. We have an extensive outreach programme in which we integrate consumer touch-points around the country through an extensive events programme.

"We created a true Lavazza coffee destination at this summer’s Jamie Oliver’s The Big Feastival, where we served our coffee, provided product demonstrations in a light, immersive and fun manner, whilst providing entertainment for both children and adults at this family-orientated event. This allowed us to reach our consumers in a fun, engaging and inviting way. We will be exploring the realms of experiential marketing going forward into our planning for 2015 and beyond."

Vita Coco

Pip Brook, marketing director, EMEA

"Experiential is about making meaningful connections with our customers. With Vita Coco, we weren’t only launching a new product five years ago, but a whole new category. Consumers needed educating on what coconut water is and the benefits it can offer. Consumers are not going to buy the product if they haven’t tried it, so experiential has been fundamental in building awareness.

"Brands can go big and wide with an advertising campaign, and we have a 360-degree marketing approach, but it has to be supported by experiential activity to make a connection."


Emma Chalwin, director of brand and events, EMEA

"Experiential is a great way to exhibit the core values of our brand and to create brand advocates among our customers that can then influence others. It adds to the strength of our brand. We always focus on creating innovative and immersive user experiences that are not only fun, but also meet the needs of the customer and genuinely creates positive emotions, as well as a long-lasting memorable experience. Engagement is the key objective.

"The focus in 2015 will be on the explosion of digital and social media channels and building that into our events strategy. We want to create multi-touch points for the user. If we do an experiential event, we will want to replicate that experience into social, PR and even viral activity to maximise the effectiveness of our message. We want creative content and to use customer endorsements going forward."


Milly Hutchinson, PR Manager for Heineken’s premium brands

"It’s important for us that consumers leave any experiential activity with a better understanding of what our brand stands for, and an enhanced opinion of its relevance to that individual. For example, with Desperados, it’s about unlocking music or party experiences that 'money simply can’t buy' in unusual or surprising venues. Heineken did this recently with the Next Level party at the Bussey Building in Peckham

"For Heineken beer, we are encouraging participants to see their own cities in a different light, and indeed to take the unbeaten track on a night out. We can do that directly through our #Starcab activation, or indirectly through our content partnership with Metro. Overall, our events must share the characteristics of the brand and build on the emotional values that we have created through above the line investment."


Stacey Stothard, corporate communication manager

"Experiential events for Skipton must be innovative and quirky to create enough intrigue to attract the media, but this must be finely balanced with an event that represents the brand credibly and doesn’t take theming to the extreme. As a financial services company, it is essential that the building society is presented as an authority and also trustworthy.

"Skipton recently held a media event at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, an iconic retirement home. The venue was chosen in line with the objective to position the company as an authority on pensions, one of our service offerings, and because it is a trusted establishment with a long heritage, similar to our 161-year history.

"To also raise awareness of our pension services, we presented scientific research on the inner psyche of humans in retirement. We created a subtle scientific theme, which included dry ice and cocktails in test tubes, and we hooked guests up to probes and conducted scientific experiments on their attitudes to retirement."

Alcatel Onetouch

Tracey Hudson, UK & Ireland marketing manager

"We always try to use our marketing budget wisely in a way that allows us to target a wide number of relevant people on a one-on-one level through sponsorship and experiential. This year we have been an active partner to the Rugby Super League and are also headline sponsor of Clothes Show Live. This sees us supporting the Fashion Theatre and we also have the main feature – an experiential stand within the show.

"This partnership allows us to reach over 120,000 16-25 year olds, which is a really key market for us in the UK. By spending our marketing budgets on events like this, we reach the right people who want to engage with Alcatel Onetouch.

Event's Brand Experience Report 2014
Event's first Brand Experience Report 2014, in association with Vivid Interface, provides an in-depth analysis into the world of experiential, with analysis on the pitch process, budgets, lead times, payment terms, recruitment and event associations. 

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The full report will be available to download this month. 

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