Brand Republic's top ads and turkeys of the year 2007

LONDON - Brand Republic has looked back at the hundreds of TV ads that have featured on the site this year and selected, in no particular order, the top five we have enjoyed and our five turkeys.

Brand Republic's top five ads
Guinness 'alive inside'
by IIBBDO Dublin
A beautifully executed representation of the settling effect in a pint of Guinness. The ad features a series of helmeted men fired at synthesiser drums to dramatise the moment when the creamy foamy head on a pint of Guinness begins to form.

Big Yellow Storage 'get some space in your life' by CHI & Partners
This original creative was designed to show how many belongings a person acquires over their life and how space can be freed up while not relinquishing possessions, by using storage. The execution is set in a bare room where a tidal wave of everyday possessions, such as kids' toys, CDs, books, electrical equipment and even half a piano, crash in waves across the room and into the far wall.

Shreddies 'only Shreddies are knitted by Nanas' by McCann Erickson
Shreddies have been around for more than 50 years but until this ad it was not widely known that Shreddies are in fact knitted by Nanas. The idea focuses upon hundreds of Nanas lovingly knitting each Shreddie to ensure they are all absolutely perfect... because only Nanas can knit the perfect Shreddie.

Marmite 'Paddington Bear' by DDB London
Directed by Oscar-winning director Daniel Graves, DDB London's campaign for Marmite marked the first time in more than 20 years that Paddington had been seen in his original animated form. The ad was created using the original stop-frame animation technique and Paddington Bear himself was created from scratch.

Brylcreem 'effortless' by WCRS
Brylcreem returned to TV screens after a three-year break, with this clever ad featuring the winner of a MySpace competition. The 60-second TV spot, created by WCRS, began on MySpace through a competition challenging users to send in clips of themselves performing "effortlessly executed" tricks.

Brand Republic's top five turkeys
Post Office 'broadband'
by Mother
Westlife promote the Post Office's four broadband packages, following in the footsteps of Joan Collins and Wendy Richards, in the series of celebrity ads created by Mother.

Orangina 'naturally juicy' by FFL Paris
This disturbing animated TV spot, featuring erotic animals, received a mixed response from Brand Republic readers. It tells the love story between a doe and a manly bear. Really.

Milkybar 'nature' by JWT
The heroes, villains, humour and signature wild celebrations seen at the end of previous Milkybar ads are distinctly absent from this execution. The Milkybar kid trots into a wild forest on horseback, wearing a cowboy hat. There is no dialogue and the only sounds are animal noises and birdsong.

Fibresure 'smile inside' by Publicis
Women float around in water to the sound of 'I Could Be Happy' by Altered Images, to back the launch of Fibresure, a dietary supplement that dissolves in water.

BA 'upgrade' by Bartle Bogle Hegarty
This uninspiring ad where BA cabin staff hand out freebies to the Sydney public aims to highlight the level of service offered by the airline. It is set to the music 'Angel Eyes' by Brian Hodge mixed with the airline's traditional 'Lakme' by Delibes.