How brands can 'do good' well

In connecting brands to controversial global issues, marketers have got it right and wrong this year. How far is it up to brands to solve the world's issues? Can brands 'do good' in a truly authentic way? To find out, Campaign's Claire Beale sat down with Edelman's Mark Renshaw...

Edleman's global chair of brand practice, Mark Renshaw, spoke to Claire Beale about the balance marketers must strike when connecting themselves to a wider political or scoial issue, with some this getting it right – and notable others getting it very wrong. This video is part of that conversation.

The release of Edelman's 2017 Earned Brand report reveals the increasing number of belief-driven buyers on a global scale. Unexpectedly, said Renshaw, belief-driven buyers this year were more prevalent in China, India, Mexico and the UAE.

"We had no idea it was going to pop that way," he said. "They are the dynamic countries, the countries that are going through the most change. Maybe that’s why these people are vocal – because they are not sure that change is what they want – and they are going to use brand to help."

Look out for the second part of this conversation coming soon.