Brands: support LGBTQ+ organizations for Pride month

Consumers want to see action — along with the rainbow merch.

Brands: support LGBTQ+ organizations for Pride month

Advocacy is the theme of the year, and members of the LGBTQ+ community are urging brands to turn commitments towards inclusion into action this Pride month. 

In past years, brands and leadership have recognized Pride with events, partnerships with LGBTQ+ organizations and notably, pride-themed merchandise. 

While events and parades are returning this year in a limited-capacity, consumers are looking for brands to use their influence to support LGBTQ+ causes. 

— Tom Knight (@TJ_Knight) June 3, 2021

Gen Z in particular, which has more LGBTQIA+ identifying people than any other generation, has called out brands for performative responses to Pride and “rainbow-washing” their logos and products during the month of June. 

— Nabeela (@JustNabz) June 3, 2021

Campaign US readers agree: brands need to put action behind their rainbows and support more LGBTQ+ advocacy organizations to show up for Pride with meaning.