Brasserie forced to close down in wake of economic slump

The Advertising Brasserie, the project-driven agency which broke

away from HHCL & Partners four years ago, is closing down, citing poor

trading conditions.

The agency will close once all current projects are completed, probably

in July. It was originally launched within HHCL in 1995 but became

independent in January 1998.

Mischa Alexander, managing partner, cited too few clients being fought

for in a market that is agency-saturated as the primary cause for the

venture's closure.

The Advertising Brasserie hopes to back into another agency in an

attempt to ensure the continued employment of its existing staff. It

acted as its own TV production company, producing and directing more

than 100 commercials from brief to on-air.

Alexander said: "This year has seen a new business reality. There are

too many agencies chasing too few clients."

The agency has worked for clients including Bass, Bank of Scotland,

Buena Vista and the Disney Channel.