Bravissimo and Peugeot target Valentine's Day cinema goers

LONDON - Lingerie brand Bravissimo and car manufacturer Peugeot advertised against Warner Bros romantic comedy Valentine's Day as it delivered 761,713 cinema impacts in its first weekend.

Valentine's Day took £3.7m this weekend as cinema goers celebrated the annual love fest of Valentine's Day, according to figures from Digital Cinema Media, with Bravissimo taking the opportunity to launch a cinema campaign, planned and bought by Media Vision and created by DigForFireDMG.

In addition to targeting people celebrating Valentine's Day, Peugeot ran ads, created by Euro RSCG and bought by OMD UK, against all of the top five films.

James Cameron's 3D success Avatar was seen by the second highest number of people this weekend with 676,909 impacts, bringing its total impacts since launch to 15.7million.

Universal's werewolf movie The Wolfman was the third most watched film in its first weekend with 483,234 impacts.

Figures provided by DCM (Impacts are estimates based on box office figures)

UK cinema box office (Feb 13&14)
Film titleWeekend box officeWeekend impactsTotal box officeTotal impacts
Valentine's Day (Warner)  £3,732,393761,713£3,732,393761,713
Avatar (20th Fox)  £3,316,855676,909£77,072,66315,729,115
The Wolfman (Universal)  £2,367,849483,234£2,367,849483,234
The Princess and the Frog (Disney)  £1,504,908376,227£4,197,3951,049,349
Percy Jackson & The ... (20th Fox)  £1,502,663306,666£1,502,663306,666
My Name is Khan (20th Fox)  £936,454191,113£936,454191,113
Invictus (Warner)  £778,146158,805£2,462,568502,565
A Single Man (Icon)  £502,009102,451£502,009102,451
Alvin & The Chipmunks II (20th Fox)  £424,62286,658£21,337,0494,354,500
Astro Boy (E1 Films)  £422,382105,596£1,625,987406,497
Sherlock Holmes (Warner)  £391,91379,982£25,162,9025,135,286
Youth In Revolt (Paramount)  £368,01975,106£1,490,182304,119
Edge of Darkness (Icon)  £301,08661,446£3,302,594673,999
It's Complicated (Universal)  £200,72040,963£8,838,0511,803,684
Precious:A Novel by Sapphire (Icon)  £181,71437,084£1,211,445