Breakfast Briefing: Bacardi rum's new top marketer, BT Mobile hits 100,000 customers, Facebook mobile ads

Welcome to Marketing's morning briefing, a daily shot of news and a recap of the best longer reads and videos. Today's news includes Bacardi rum's new top marketer, BT's new consumer mobile performance and mobile ads on Facebook.

Bacardi: new rum marketer Fabio Di Giammarco
Bacardi: new rum marketer Fabio Di Giammarco

In case you missed it...two longer reads

Why Bugaboo's bikini shoot shows direspect for mums

Bugaboos's bikini clad model shoot shows a "straight up lack of disrespect" for mums, argues Jules Keen, head of marketing at The Talent Business. She argues it therefore alienates the brand's core target audience by essentially catcalling: "Betcha wish your girlfriend/body was hot like me…" (delete as appropriate for male or female audiences). 

Not a gimmick: Oculus Rift poised for 'penny drop' moment

Don't underestimate how far Oculus Rift has come in a short space of time, says Fitch's Alasdair Lennox. Brands should be planning for 'serious benefits' and the chance to give consumers dream-like shopping experiences.

Why the Ashley Madison hack has done amazing things for the brand

The exposure of the details of 37 million married cheaters has resulted in a moral war, but also a marketing one, argues ClearScore's Justin Basini. While many are reviled by the idea of an affairs site, the hack has also raised awareness among many prospective cheaters – who are willing to take the risk.

If you watch one video today...

Watch Marketing's editor Rachel Barnes interview Unilever CMO Keith Weed about the company's partnership with Vice and the utility of artifical intelligence