Breakfast briefing: falling Asia sales hits Burberry and KFC & Aldi's friendly farmer pledge

Welcome to Marketing's morning briefing, a daily shot of news and a recap of the best longer reads and videos. Today we look at the latest financials from Burberry and KFC owner Yum and how Aldi is leading the charge over supermarkets giving farmers a fairer deal.

Burberry sales slow in some Asian markets
Burberry sales slow in some Asian markets

Aldi leads supermarkets towards farmer-friendly pledge

Aldi has jumped in first to sign a deal drawn up by the National Farmers Union labelled the ‘fruit and veg pledge’.

The pledge includes measures such as committing to supplying fruit and veg, the supermarkets financing any deals on fruit and veg and also the removal of bureaucracy and unfair charges on the farmers.

According to The Guardian, the NFU is now calling on all major supermarkets to follow Aldi in signing the pledge.

Source: The Guardian

Burberry and Yum, owner of KFC and Pizza Hut, financials hit by slowing Asia markets

What does Burberry have in common with fast food? Not a lot, aside from the fact that falling sales in Asia and particularly China has hit the high end fashion retailer and KFC and Pizza Hut owner Yum.

Both companies released their latest financial figures, with Burberry’s sales growth slowing from 11% to 8% due to a slowdown of sales in Asia. Similarly, Yum foods posted a 3% revenue drop for the three months to June 13 and attributed it to slowing sales in China.

Burberry’s revenue for the first quarter reached £407m, while Yum posted a $3.1bn revenue for the same period.

Both companies said sales in the US and Europe were still strong.

Source (Burberry): Telegraph

Source: (Yum): BBC

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