Breakfast Briefing: Scottish Power panned, Facebook tests 'like' alternatives, and Three upgrades service

Welcome to Marketing's morning briefing, a daily shot of news and a recap of the best longer reads and videos. In today's news, Scottish Power ranks bottom for customer service, Facebook investigates alternatives to the "like" button, and Three rolls out improved reception.

Breakfast Briefing: Scottish Power panned, Facebook tests 'like' alternatives, and Three upgrades service
Breakfast Briefing: Scottish Power panned, Facebook tests 'like' alternatives, and Three upgrades service

Customer service survey pans Scottish Power

Scottish Power, the gas and electricity power, has been ranked bottom out of 100 British brands for customer service in a survey by Which?

It scored just 59 out of 100 for the way it has treated customers over the past year and has been blasted for its "useless service" and "incredibly unhelpful and rude staff."

Ethical beauty chain Lush was ranked top with 89 out of 100, stealing the number one slot from last year’s winner, telephone and online bank First Direct.

Source: Daily Mirror

Facebook to test 'dislike' button ... sort of

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has revealed Facebook is to test alternatives to the ‘like’ button, allowing users to show more empathy.

Zuckerberg said hundreds of people had asked over many years about an alternative such as a dislike button, but he said he was keen that Facebook did not become a forum for people to simply vote up or down on someone's post.

He acknowledged that not all moments are happy ones, and referred to people wanting to share their feelings when a relative dies, or express thoughts on the current refugee crisis.

He said: "Your friends, and people want to be able to express that they understand and that they relate to you, so I do think that it is important to give people more options than just like as a quick way to emote and share what they're feeling on a post."

Source: Daily Mail

Three launches 4G Super Voice

Mobile operator Three is rolling out a 4G Super Voice service it claims will improve reception inside buildings and in rural black spots.

Other networks are looking into introducing the technology, known as Voice Over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE).

It currently works on only the Samsung Galaxy S5, but recent iPhone handsets will be added in the coming months.

Three said up to 5.5 million customers would have access to the service by 2017.

Source: BBC

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